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35 Whole30 Dinner Recipes That Definitely Do Not Taste Like Diet Food

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The 13 Best Keratin Shampoos for Stronger, Shinier Hair

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22 small garden ideas – clever designs for maximizing a compact gardening space

Small garden ideas can transform even the tiniest outdoor space with a considered layout, creative planting, the right materials and more

Hearty and healthy soups for all seasons

Soup is one of the most versatile meal options out there, and there's a recipe for all occasions. Ideal on a cold winter's day, soup is also a refreshing mid-summer standby. Healthy and nourishing, soup is a great way of boosting your vegetable intake, and is a hugely enjoyable source of important nutrition. Feeling hungry? Browse this gallery for some great soup recipe ideas and serving suggestions.

Surprising character traits that indicate a high IQ

Over time, we've created a lot of stereotyped characters in pop culture who are smarter than everyone else and act in obnoxious or extraordinary ways. The truth of the matter, however, is that people with high IQs share quite a few personality traits that challenge the intellectual stereotype. But no matter how smart you are, some of these traits may surprise you. Click through to see if you have the traits of an above-average IQ.

What the Cast of Princess Bride is Doing Now

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All the Red-Carpet Looks from the 2023 Golden Globes

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Check out these tasty delicacies on your trip to Bengaluru

Bengaluru Bengaluru, often known as Bangalore, is well-renowned for its lakes. Picnic places include Hebbal Lake, Nagavara Lake, Agara Lake, Sankey Tank, and Ulsoor Lake. Because of its lush vegetation, Bangalore was once dubbed "India's Garden City." In recent years, it has evolved into a cosmopolitan metropolis with dwindling natural spaces and a...

20 Celebrities Before and After They Shaved Their Heads

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The zodiac signs of the world's richest people

Are untold riches written in the stars for some people? Well, some billionaires have more in common than just their enviable bank balances—many of the world's super-rich share the same zodiac sign. But are some star signs more likely than others to bring in the megabucks? And how does your zodiac sign stack up? Click through this gallery to discover the star signs of some of the world's richest people.

Divas of the '80s: then and now

Big, crimped hair, awful makeup, and crazy plastic jewelry. Let's face it: '80s fashion wasn't the greatest, in retrospect. Yet there were some 80s divas who rocked the fashions of the times and others who failed beyond words! Click through this gallery to see which stars were hits or misses in the 80s, and check out what they look like today.

Close calls that could have changed the course of history

It is often taken for granted that we as a species have made it this far. From prehistory up to the present, the list of things that could have gone wrong is virtually endless. From natural disasters, to global pandemics, to frustratingly human problems that brought us far too close to the edge, it is certainly not just strategy and survival instinct that have brought humanity to the 21st century; a good deal of luck has been involved as well. Hopefully, studying the close calls of history that could have made our present reality radically different will help us to be more careful and prepared in the future. Read on to learn about the catastrophic close calls that could have changed, or ended, life as we know it.

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Discovering Anatolia: the forgotten UNESCO heritage region

Anatolia is a fascinating and very ancient region, a true cradle and meeting point of Western and Eastern civilizations. A central point of Asia Minor, its territory is dotted with archaeological sites full of traces and remnants of the past. Because of its prestige and cultural-historical importance, for as many as 40 years UNESCO has included Turkish sites in the prestigious World's Heritage List, giving a big hand to tourism in the country. At present, there are 19 sites in Turkey on the UNESCO list, another 84 are candidates to become one. In this our brief trip to Anatolia, we show you perhaps the most spectacular sites in the area.

Which Fast-Food Chain Has The Best Chicken Nuggets?

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42 incredible things to do at least once in a lifetime

"You only live once"–it may be a bit cliché, but it makes total sense at this time. As soon as we feel safe to travel, we should all make the most of what this world has to offer. From crossing the Bolivian salt flats to going on a safari, this is our ultimate travel bucket list!

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We wouldn’t want to work with them, but we don’t have to. Instead, the pain of others becomes our enjoyment. These are 20 of the worst coworkers in film history.

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Funny, rude, and silly place names in England

Have a look through some of England's funniest, rudest, and cringing street, road, and town names. They are sure to make you chuckle!

11 Microwave Popcorn Brands That Take Movie Night To The Next Level

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20 inspiring quotes from 20 US Presidents

9 Spring Nail Designs You’re Going to See Everywhere Soon

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Famous people who placed their kids for adoption

An unwanted pregnancy can really be problematic for both parents and child. Sometimes couples are just way too young to be raising a child, other times they simply have no financial means to support them, and so on. Whatever the reasons, sometimes the best option is to place the child for adoption. Famous people are obviously no exception, and indeed several had to make an adoption plan. Luckily, many of these adoption stories have a happy ending. Curious to know more about them? Then click through.

The Evolution of the Super Bowl Halftime Costume

From Diana Ross's giant gold coat to Beyoncé's itty bitty black leotard

How to rock a jumpsuit, as shown by celebs

It’s the style that perfectly treads the line between formal and relaxed. It gives you glamour as well as comfort. It often involves pockets, requires little to no adjusting, and is coming in hot this year. Yes, welcome back jumpsuits! Click through to see the many ways stars who have tried on the trend, and get inspired for your own look.

How the World's Most Stylish Men Looked at 40

Forty can be a tough age, even today, especially today. But these guys—from Ernest Hemingway to Jay-Z—made it look effortless, cool, and aspirational.

Age Spots : What is it & treatments

Overview Flat, tan, brown, or black spots on the skin that occur with increasing age. They vary in size and commonly appears on face, hands, neck, forearms. Symptoms Dark spots on the skin, occur mostly on sun-exposed areas such as face, neck and hands. Causes Overexposure to UV light from the sun rays causes excessive production of melanin which i...

23 Times Co-Stars In A Movie Started Dating In Real Life

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Professional FAQs: How to freeze collard greens?

30 Seafood Appetizers That Go Way Beyond Shrimp Cocktail

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The Most Talked-About Celebrity Hair Transformations

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Find out which celebrity couples renewed their wedding vows

Hollywood's A-listers pull out all the stops when it's time to celebrate, and weddings are the ultimate occasion. Most celebrities go all-out when it comes to their big day, but, for some people, one day just isn't enough to celebrate a potentially life-long relationship. Marriage is a long road (much of the time), so it's nice to take an opportunity to reflect and recommit to your partner down the line. 'Arrested Development' star Portia de Rossi celebrated her 50th birthday recently, but decided to transform the occasion into a surprise for her wife of 14 years, Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres took to Instagram on Feb. 2 to share a video of the event, explaining that “Portia surprised me at her birthday party by renewing our vows." She went on to thank Kris Jenner for officiating the ceremony and Brandi Carlile for performing at it! Finally, she thanked her wife, "for being the greatest gift to me, even on your birthday.” In the video, de Rossi is seen walking through the crowd in the same wedding dress she wore when they first got married in 2008. For some celebrity couples, a vow renewal ceremony was a way to celebrate a significant anniversary. In other cases, they did it to redefine their relationship and get back on track after a rough patch. Intrigued? Then click through this gallery to see which other famous couples decided to renew their wedding vows.

Fascinating photographs of historical moments that you've probably never seen before

These amazing and rare images capture a moment in time, pictured for posterity for future generations to admire. Browse the gallery for a collection of unique snapshots from history.

15 Most Surprising Facts About Dolly Parton (Like How She Once Turned Down Elvis)

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Celebs reveal their struggles with acne

Acne affects a large number of people around the world, and celebrities are no exception. It's easy to believe otherwise, when we see pictures of our favorite stars with their flawless, glowing skin. But many of us don't often think about the fact that their beautiful skin is also the result of good makeup and Photoshop. Many stars suffer from acne and other skin conditions. Some are pretty vocal about it, while others don't address the issue, but they all have something in common—acne has affected their lives. Browse through the gallery and get to know the celebrities who had (and have) acne, and what they have to say about it.

80 Easy Date Night Dinners That Beat A Fancy Restaurant

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Professional FAQs: Is it true that Potato wedges are good for heart?

Expert opinion from Lavanya L MSC Food & Nutrition, Dietitian Bsc, Applied Nutrition & Public Health · 5 years of experience · No Potato wedges are rich source of potassium. It is also a good source of fiber, if it is unpeeled. Baked or shallow fried potato wedges are healthier then the deep fried one. Adding olive oil is good for heart health. → S...

60 Vintage Photos of Celebrity Weddings

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Celebrities Who Prove What a Difference a Center Part Can Make

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Your horoscope for 2023: What do the stars say about the new year?

We've made it to 2023, full of limitless possibilities. That sounds like a good thing, but "limitless possibilities" can also feel quite daunting! For many people, astrological horoscopes help lay out a general plan of action going into the new year to make sure we know what to look out for and how to handle the various situations that might come our way. Want to know what your star sign says lies in store for you in 2023? Then click through and read on!

What Your Favorite Child Stars Look Like Now

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Pistachio: How much is too much? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and reasons to eat