A former Hooters employee revealed she was one of her branch's only 'XL' waitresses, with many people saying she was also attractive. 

Sashya, from Florida, who shares videos from behind-the-scenes at Hooters on TikTok, revealed she got a lot of attention for her size while working at the popular restaurant chain. 

The hospitality worker revealed that she wore an 'XL-size' uniform, making her one of the only bigger girls working at the branch. 

She rocked the look with confidence while dancing in the revealing outfit, saying 'it's what it is'. 

Some of the people who happened upon Sashya's profile were shocked to see she was considered plus-size by the chain, with many arguing they'd love to visit her section. 

Wearing her white and red Hooters uniform, which consists of a tight crop top and short shorts, Sashya confidently filmed herself lip-syncing to Britney Spears' Circus with the lyrics 'all eyes on me in the middle of the room, just like a circus'.

Sashya, who has moved on to another job since her time at Hooters, captioned her clip writing: 'When you're the only XL Hooters girl in the building. 

The revelation that she wore an XL uniform shocked the waitress' followers, with Sashya revealing that she wears a size 12 outside of work. 

'You are stunning,' one commented, while another asked: 'Hold on, you're considered plus-size?' 

'They do XL? I was always told you had to be like, tiny,' one asked. 

'Most are actually pretty inclusive. There are a few whose managers just prefer smaller girls, so they tend to hire that,' Sashya explained in her reply. 

She also admitted that being made to wear XL uniforms made her feel self-conscious about her curves, especially in comparison to her slimmer colleagues. 

'I definitely feel that the least hot every time I'm there. They are all beautiful and perfectly cute petite bodies,' she wrote. 

But her followers showed their appreciation for Sashya, telling her she was probably one of the most attractive waitresses working at her Hooters restaurant.  

'You're probably the hottest one,' a complimentary comment read. 

'I'll top more than 20 per cent,' one person wrote. 

'I'd be asking for your section too,' one viewer said. 

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