Rebel Wilson's unique swimsuit gives her curves in all the right places

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson looked amazing in a selfie she shared on Instagram Stories wearing a knee-length swimsuit

Lorraine Kelly's bold dress is a Black Friday sale bargain

Lorraine Kelly wowed fans in a purple pleated dress by Phase Eight while hosting Lorraine. Shop her style in the Black Friday sale!

Oil-Free Moisturizers for the Lotion-Averse

Non-greasy options for every complexion.

AllSaints Sale: all the discounts on stylish jackets, jumpers and other Autumn essentials

As the seasons have clicked over from summer to autumn and the winter chill is now mere weeks away, something different is afoot in our wardrobes this year. Instead of the usual seasonal switchover whereby floaty dresses are gently folded, light linens and any hint of floral tucked away at the back of the wardrobe and sandals replaced by boots at the front of shoe racks to re-emerge in six months’ time, we are extending the shelf life of our...

New mother Moana Hope shares cute photos of her newborn daughter

Moana Hope and her model wife Isabella Carlstrom welcomed their daughter into the world last week.

3 beauty writers on exactly what they do to get rid of a breakout, stat.

Acne is something we all deal with, no matter how good our skin is.The pesky red spots arrive at the most inconvenient times and usually linger for longer than we'd like. So you, like us, have probably found yourself frantically searching for quick ways to get rid of them before an event. Luckily, these three beauty writers from Mamamia's You Beauty ... Continued

Jennifer Lopez's favorite bag brand just dropped a huge Black Friday sale

Jennifer Lopez is the face of Coach and for Black Friday there are huge deals to be had. From the Hutton bag to the Tabby bag.

Gwen Stefani's latest appearance sparks concern from fans

No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani confused fans with her latest look as she appeared to be missing a hand

Tourist slides down Great Wall of China in icy conditions

A tourist was caught on film using the Great Wall of China as a giant slide. Conditions on parts of the wall, which collectively stretches nearly 22,000km, are currently snowy and icy. Footage shared online showed visitors struggling to climb up steep sections and having to pull themselves up by using railings at the sides. However, one tourist in a purple coat had clearly had their fill of attempting to walk up the slippery path; instead, they...

You're fired! Trump's White House rejects

With his dwindling days as US President, Donald Trump continues to part with top-level staff, and turnover at the White House has reached an unprecedented rate. Whether fired, forced out, or asked/volunteered to resign, the shelf-life of a Trump administration politician on Pennsylvania Avenue has proven alarmingly short. In a surprising move following the firing of Chris Krebs, who countered Trump's claims of election fraud, the Trump campaign has let go of Sidney Powell, a key member of his legal team who was one of the loudest voices supporting those same claims. Though no specific explanation was given, Powell had been making headlines with her increasingly shocking accusations of fraud, for which she claimed to have tons of evidence that she never got around to sharing. Browse this gallery and find out who else has been trumped...

I'm A Celebrity: Bev Callard's tumultuous first marriage at 16 before baby heartbreak

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star Beverley Callard was just 16 and pregnant when she married Paul Atkinson

Inside the hotel where everything is gold including the toilets, pool and food

The world's first gold-plated hotel has opened and everything is golden hued from the toilets to the infinity pool and even some of the food

Love Island's Finley Tapp reveals he will marry Paige Turley

The former Love Island star revealed that he has been thinking about proposing to his girlfriend, after they made it official on the ITV2 dating show.

Princess Diana’s style evolution, from Sloane Ranger to fashion renegade

More than 20 years after her death, Princess Diana’s legacy remains a global obsession. From the Virgin Atlantic jumper she wore to the gym, or the “Black Sheep” crewneck that recently went back on sale, to the velvet gown she wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House, each outfit is as memorable as the moment in which she wore it. Hers was a wardrobe to suit all tastes, from offbeat mods to strait-laced sloanes, depending on the...

Woman left in tears over father-in-law's 'gross' comment about breastfeeding

A man has turned to the people of Reddit for a little advice after his father left his wife in tears with a rather disturbing comment about her breastfeeding her son

Yankee Candle Black Friday 2020 sale: get up to 30% off candles, accessories and more

The Yankee Candle Black Friday sale has arrived - here are the deals you need to know about

Sport key to helping disadvantaged kids during toughest period of their lives, says charity Greenhouse Sports

A London charity has warned disadvantaged children in the capital are facing the toughest challenge of their lives and believe sport holds the key in remedying the problem.

Camila Cabello Opens Up About Shawn Mendes, Getting a New Puppy, and Her New Acting Role

The singer and soon-to-be actress gave us an exclusive interview about life in quarantine.

11 royal hairstyles The Crown absolutely nailed: from Emma Corrin to Olivia Colman

Hairstyles on The Crown can't be easy for the hairstylist. Many of the historical figures featured are renowned for their famous tresses. So how close did The Crown hair team get? We take a look.

A wedding planner has shared her 5 most unpopular opinions about weddings, and... no.

If there's one thing I've learnt from working in the wedding industry, it's that everyone (I repeat, everyone) has an opinion.Your mother-in-law to be will have the opinion that she gets to decide the colour scheme. Your groomsmen will have the opinion that it's up to you to buy the suits. Your next door bloody neighbour who isn't even invited ... Continued

The Devil's bridge and the world's other mysterious spots

Join us as we take a look at the science, stories, theories and tales surrounding some of the world’s strangest sites.

This house offers buyers a piece of the Hamptons Down Under

A free standing bathtub and a glass-edged swimming pool sunk into the ground are just two of the standout features of the three-storey house spread over three floors in Burleigh Heads.

Fascinating photos of secret bedrooms where plane crews sleep

Have you ever wondered where cabin crew go for some rest and recuperation during long-haul flights?

Things parents say that can trigger eating disorders in kids

Talking to kids about food and weight can be tricky for many parents. Avoid these common phrases that may trigger disordered eating. The post Things parents say that can trigger eating disorders in kids appeared first on Reader's Digest Australia.

Doctor warns against TikTok trend that sees teens adding contraceptive pill to shampoo

The latest trend circulating on TikTok sees users adding crushed contraceptive pills to their shampoo in the hopes of making their hair grow

The VC World Hasn’t Made Space for Black Women—So They Made Their Own

In the mid 2010s, Sarah Kunst, Mercedes Bent, Sydney Sykes, and Sydney Thomas were scanning the industry for women who looked like them. There weren't many.

The world's most stunning national parks captured on camera

From desert canyons to tumbling waterfalls, national parks are home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty around the globe.

‘Cartel boss’ arrested over killing of Mormon family in Mexico

A suspected drug cartel boss has been arrested in connection with the killing of a Mormon family in Mexico last year. Roberto González Montes, the alleged leader of La Línea cartel, was arrested as part of a multi-agency investigation into murders in Mexico in November 2019, sources familiar with the matter told El Diario on Monday. The suspect was arrested alongside Eulalio Domínguez Alanís and Santiago Casavantes Radovich, the sources told El...

ROADTEST: "I tried a DIY lash lift at home. Here's exactly how it went."

Long, luscious eyelashes were not something I was blessed with. Mine have always been very short and very straight. Not terrible, but definitely not impressive. So for many years I wore false lashes or got eyelash extensions to add some length and definition. False lashes are great but annoying to apply every single day. The cheap ones (still not super cheap) don't ... Continued

Bearing Witness to My Mother's Work

'Conjure Women' author Afia Atakora on the essential worker who means the most.

If You Take These Popular Supplements, Stop Now

The FDA has just announced a supplement recall on two popular health products—find out if your preferred supplement is affected and what to do.

GBBO 2020 finalists Laura, Peter and Dave pull out all stops for Bake Off showdown

EXCLUSIVE: Bake Off's back this evening to wrap up its 11th series, with finalists Laura Adlington, Peter Sawkins and Dave Friday set to battle it out one last time in the tent for the coveted cake stand

New discoveries about the world's ancient wonders

From Rome's Colosseum to Stonehenge in the UK, the world's ancient sites typically draw thousands of visitors each year keen to unlock the mysteries of past civilizations. But experts are unearthing secrets about these intriguing sites all the time, and it's clear we've only just scratched the surface of what there is to learn. Here we reveal some of the most fascinating discoveries from recent years.

The Crown: Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding details, from the dress to saying the wrong vows

The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer has frequently been referred to as the “wedding of the century” and, 39 years later, the historic ceremony is still at the forefront of people’s minds. The relationship between the two royals has a starring role in season four of The Crown, as the Netflix series revisits their famous, and often tumultuous, marriage. But, despite previews of the latest season giving viewers a glimpse of Emma...

20 ways you are damaging your lungs without knowing it

Your lungs are one of your body’s most important organs. They deliver oxygen to the body while ridding it of carbon dioxide. To keep your lungs healthy, avoid these 20 habits.

6 Authors Give Thanks to the People Helping Them Survive 2020

Afia Atakora, Amy Jo Burns, Frances Cha, Rebecca Dinerstein, Téa Obreht, and Julia Phillips pay tribute.

Chrissy Teigen's Red Lip Is All the Holiday Season Beauty Inspo You Need

She revealed the exact lipstick she used.

Top TV star shows off her VERY intense skincare regimen

She's known for her ageless skin and youthful outlook on life.

These abandoned castles will take your breath away

From the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers in France to Ha Ha Tonka in Missouri, USA, their haunting beauty remains a testament to the glories of the past.

Grace Wales Bonner has made the perfect adidas three-stripe tracksuit

There’s been much talk of tracksuits of late, and today comes perhaps the elevated tracksuit in which to out-slouch them all. Designed by British menswear designer Grace Wales Bonner in partnership with Adidas, the tracksuit in question is a innovative play on the brand’s classic three-stripe, combining a 70s palette with an emphasis on craft – the stripes, for example, are made from an intricate crochet rather than block white. It comes as part...

The scariest airport landings in the world

Seatbelts fastened? Tray table in the upright position? Excellent, because you’re in for a bumpy ride. Here we take a look at the world’s most scary airport landings.

The Unique Comfort of Instagram Ballet

'Hex' novelist Rebecca Dinerstein on learning from a great in the midst of a pandemic.

Watch: Groom kicks bride in face during mid-wedding lap dance to Ginuwine's 'Pony'

Much to unpack here.

6 skincare products you probably don't need in your routine, according to a beauty editor.

Look, if there's one thing I enjoy doing, it's providing folk with bucket loads of info on snazzy new beauty products. Never gets tired. Skincare especially. Because as science and technology keeps improving, so do the products available to us - and there's some seriously wonderful, powerful, ground-breaking stuff out there.But boy, there's also a LOTTA fluffy, frilly, unnecessary s**t. ... Continued

Kate Middleton uses this £12 face oil for her signature glow

Ever wondered what Kate Middleton's favourite skincare products are? The royal reportedly loves this natural ingredient to give her glow…

TV presenter John Craven checks into our travel Q&A

This week TV presenter John Craven checks into our travel Q&A. He talks about his dream travel companion, what he can't travel without, his favourite hotel - and more.

'Total glow factor!': Women in their 50s share their Holy Grail products for youthful skin.

While we're all about perving on celebrity skincare routines and finding out what they use on their forever youthful faces, we also know that A-listers literally have a team of dermatologists and professional treatments helping them look immortal on the reg. Watch: Now you have your skincare routine sorted, how about your makeup same? Here are some of the top makeup ... Continued

Wizz Air flight forced to abort after insect larvae disrupt speed sensor

A Wizz Air flight had to abort take-off after insect larvae caused a speed sensor to fail. The cause of the instrument failure was revealed in a recently released report from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB). The incident occurred on 16 June, when the Airbus A321 jet was preparing to take off from Doncaster airport. There were no passengers onboard at the time. The plan was to fly the empty aircraft to London Stansted, but while...

Mother Nature has reclaimed these amazing places

From prehistoric settlements and wonders of the ancient world to classical palaces and entire cities...

Interior designer reveals how she doubled the value of her home

Interior designer from Bramhall, Chesire, Angela Bamforth bought her house for £275,000 in 2015. After renovations works, the property is estimated to be worth £590,000.